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Who We Are

GreenEdiblesMart is a place where you might find the best edibles and topicals for delivery . We’ve been around for over a decade, working to provide the most convenient, inexpensive, quality cannabis edibles and topicals to you wherever you need to receive it. We are look forward to experimenting to learn the best ways to help you enjoy and find comfort from this amazing pot plant. We believe that there are frontiers of improved health and well-being that we can help bring about through conducting our efforts at GreenEdiblesMart with a focus on positive social impact. You should order from us to give us a chance to help you feel good.

We deliver cannabis edibles and topicals to the united states and Most of Europe, Australia, South America and Canada.

How can I Order for my Edibles and Topicals at GreenEdiblesMart

GreenEdiblesMart is currently accepting Cash App , Zelle , Venmo, Moneygram and Bitcoin. We look forward to offering additional payment methods as soon as the laws change. Please follow our guide on how to order concentrates online for more information on how to purchase from us.

What are your delivery hours?

We deliver weed seven days a week; MONDAY – SUNDAY 9:00AM -8:00PM . We work to ensure that people throughout our supply chain are fairly compensated. If you are grateful to your driver, or they provide some expert advice, or some other unexpected delight you should feel free to offer them a cash tip.

A Word From

Our Team

We work with a team of experts, Cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs. We tend to pride ourselves with the quality of the edibles and topicals we provide. We believe that quality  is key to good marketing. Our Vision is to provide consumers of cannabis an alternate form of consuming their beloved products while maintaining all or most of its quality. We also aim to make these products available in all parts of the world.  

GreenEdiblesMart Team



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